October, 2011

Cover Story

In the past few years, the volume of electronic content has increased dramatically. Email, word-processing files, spreadsheets and more are churned out and distributed at a rate few of us could have imagined when we started our professional careers. Back then, big cases involved a few thousand documents: most files could fit in your briefcase. Today,...

President's Perspective

As a Roman Catholic, I am familiar with the concept of a saint. For those unfamiliar with the concept of a saint, they are additional examples of people who have lived extraordinary lives, lives worthy of praise and imitation.  By that definition, our legal community recently lost two saints: Justice Adolpho A. Birch and Larry Wilks.

Letters of the Law

I found Andrée Blumstein’s article “Bye Bye Hannan?” that appeared in the August 2011 edition of the Tennessee Bar Journal a very good explanation of summary judgment practice in Tennessee, post Hannan. We need more articles like Andree’s.

Thank you.

 — Bill Leader, Nashville

Senior Moments

It is difficult, if not impossible, for the general practitioner to stay current on all aspects of the law that affect families. In other words, it’s easy to blunder. Consider the following scenarios and how you might handle them:


Kentucky and Tennessee lawyer William T. (Bill) Robinson III is the new president of the American Bar Association (ABA). Robinson is the member-in-charge of Frost Brown Todd’s Florence, Ky., office where he practices civil litigation with a focus on commercial, product liability, environmental and medical malpractice cases. An ABA member...


Following on the success of last year’s “Celebrate Pro Bono Month” when nearly 300 Tennessee lawyers assisted more than 1,100 clients on topics ranging from domestic violence protection to estate planning, lawyers are again stepping up to provide legal clinics, education programs, public presentations and other events.

Activities kick off with a...

Licensure & Discipline

The Law at Work

With the flood of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, individual blogs and other social media outlets, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has extensively addressed employer discipline of employees for comments on social media sites and the lawfulness of employers’ social media policies under the National Labor Relations Act.[1] The cases arise when an...

Paine on Procedure

A client walks into my office with a serious personal injury case. She was hurt in a car wreck 11 months ago, spent a week in the hospital, and continues to undergo therapy. From experience I figure a jury would return a verdict in the neighborhood of $250,000.

I immediately file a civil warrant for $25,000 in General Sessions Court.


But Seriously, Folks

My summer lawsuit has now been stayed. Once again this year, on the day after Labor Day, the Supreme Fashion Court issued a temporary restraining order, requiring me to put my seersucker suit in the back corner of my cedar closet. The white bucks and the straw boater too, and they can’t come out again until next Memorial Day.

But thanks to the...