December, 2014

Cover Story

As the Great Recession fades, there is construction everywhere. New subdivisions are sprouting in the suburbs. Infill development is a growing phenomenon in established areas of municipalities. Commercial development is struggling to keep up with the new and expanding businesses and their space needs.

President's Perspective

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is my favorite movie. Its stop-action animation is visually stunning, the musical score is wonderful, and it combines two of my favorite holidays — Halloween and Christmas. As the story begins, Jack Skellington, tired of his routine as the leader of Halloween Town, wanders away from the town’s celebration after another...

Book Review

By Jay W. Jacobs | Quid Pro Books | $32.99 | 278 pages | 2014

“You probably had a few lectures about ‘full and fair discovery’ in law school. That’s a nice topic for professors and legal theorists in the faculty lounge, but not for a lawyer in trial. You keep in mind that when it comes to...

Book Review

By John W. Dean | Viking Adult | $35 | 746 pages | 2014

Senator Howard Baker once said that he thought Richard Nixon had 72 hours to save his presidency after the Watergate break-in on June 17, 1972 — the three days between the arrests at the Watergate and Nixon’s return from Key Biscayne to Washington. If he had dug out the facts...

Where There's a Will

How many times per day do you see something like this?

Required Circular 230 Tax Advice Disclosures:


In October, Nashville lawyer Andrée Sophia Blumstein was named solicitor general and will oversee appellate litigation in state and federal courts, review written opinions and advise the Tennessee attorney general.


On Nov. 6, Gov. Bill Haslam issued Executive Order No. 41 establishing the Governor’s Council for Judicial Appointments, a group of 11 members who will recommend candidates to fill vacancies for state trial and appellate courts.


Former legislator and TBA senior counselor RALPH WOODSON FARMER Jr. died Nov. 3 at the age of 81. Farmer earned his law degree from the University of Tennessee and then served in the Air National Guard in San Antonio, Texas. After his service, Farmer returned to Tennessee to practice law in Memphis with Nelson, Norvell, Wilson, McRae,...

Licensure & Discipline


Hawkins County lawyer John Stephen Anderson was reinstated to the practice of law on Oct. 30. He had been suspended on Aug. 13 for failing to respond to the Board of Professional Responsibility regarding a complaint of misconduct.

Knox County lawyer Roger David Hyman was reinstated to the...

Bank on It

Our bank clients frequently ask me to predict the “hot buttons” on which regulatory agencies are likely to focus in upcoming examinations. As the financial crisis wanes and fewer banks are plagued by their borrowers’ credit problems, we in the business are seeing the federal banking agencies gear up for an energetic assault on consumer compliance...

But Seriously, Folks

One out of every two marriages in this country ends in a divorce.

Why? Well, I can’t prove this, but I firmly believe that the alarming divorce rate in this country is directly related to putting up Christmas trees.

I am proud to say my wife and I have a very strong marriage.

For over 33 years, she has tolerated my snoring, my burping,...