January, 2015

Cover Story

and Charles McDaniel, Daniel Schaffzin, Dr. Lauren Mutrie, Audrey Dorrough Seamon, Linda Warren Seely and Elizabeth Slagle Todaro.

Cover Story

Medical-Legal Partnerships include a variety of collaborative models that incorporate both health care and legal organizations to address a patient’s health care needs that cannot be remedied by medical intervention alone.

President's Perspective

Happy New Year! 2015 is starting out with a lot of exciting events and opportunities ahead. The Tennessee Bar Journal – the award-winning flagship publication of the TBA – turns 50 this year. Our annual Leadership Conference will be held this month, bringing together bar leaders and celebrating the outstanding work of members of our access to...

Book Review

By William H. Haltom Jr. | Keith Publications LLC | $29 | 203 pages | 2014


Memphis Area Legal Services’ (MALS) recently announced that retired Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Janice Holder will serve as chair of its 2015 Campaign for Equal Justice. MALS Executive Director/ CEO Harrison D. McIver III said Holder was selected to lead the group’s annual fundraising effort given her longtime...


CLE Exemption Age Rises to 70 in RULE 21 Overhaul

Lawyers turning 65 in 2015 will continue to have to meet the CLE requirements under a set of more than 20 CLE rule changes adopted Dec. 16, 2014, by the Tennessee Supreme Court. The changes, driven by the CLE Commission, chaired by Columbia lawyer Ed Lancaster, came after more than a year of...


Retired Bradley County General Sessions Court Judge ANDREW FRANKLIN BENNETT JR. died Nov. 27 after a lengthy battle with multiple sclerosis. He was 77. A native and longtime resident of Cleveland, Bennett served nine years in the U.S. Army before earning his law degree from the University of Tennessee in 1973. After law school, he worked...

Licensure & Discipline


The Supreme Court of Tennessee on Nov. 13 reinstated the license of Memphis lawyer R. Sadler Bailey. He had been suspended on Aug. 18 for 60 days.


The law license of Hamilton County lawyer Ronald W. Durby was transferred to disability inactive status on Dec. 5. He may...

Family Matters

How can a party or attorney in a family law case effectively use criminal contempt as a means of getting a positive result from the other party? When a person is determined to be in willful violation of an order of the court, that person may be held in either criminal or civil contempt. A contempt action in a family law matter is most often seen in the...

But Seriously, Folks

Will Rogers once said that every election day, the voters of Oklahoma stagger to the polls and vote “dry.” Well, a few weeks ago we sober Tennessee voters staggered to the polls and voted for our right to buy a bottle of wine at the Piggly Wiggly. (“I’ll have a fine Piglet-Fuisse, s’il vous plait!”)

We also voted to amend our state Constitution to...