October, 2015

Cover Story

If Gary Wade had a better singing voice, things might have turned out differently, both for him and the Tennessee judiciary. As a high school sophomore, his aspirations were high as he sang and played the guitar at his hometown Sevierville’s Music and Arts Festival on the same Sevier County courthouse stage where Dolly Parton, a senior, had performed...

President's Perspective

This September, I attended the annual meeting of the Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services in Murfreesboro. One of the great benefits of serving as an officer of the Tennessee Bar Association is the privilege of going to meetings of various bar groups around the state and around the country. This particular meeting was especially interesting and...

Letters of the Law

Tennessee Lawyers Did Not Object to Women Voting

Allow me to make a few corrections to “Votes for Women: Tennessee Lawyers vs. the Suffragists,” by Wanda G. Sobieski (August 2015 Tennessee Bar Journal).

Book Review

By Bryan Burrough | Penguin Publishing Group | $29.95 | 505 pages | 2015

Senior Moments

The CHOICES Group 3 program was created to help qualifying individuals remain in their homes longer by financing help from caregivers through TennCare. Recently, due to a budget cut, the program is now limited to a very small group of Tennesseans. This change is detrimental to many Tennesseans who need the benefits of CHOICES Group 3.


Belmont University College of Law's American Inn of Court honored Tennessee Court of Appeals Judge Andy D. Bennett with the student-nominated Outstanding Mentor award. Bennett mentored two first-year law students, meeting monthly to discuss topics including legal writing, study skills and test-taking strategies. The students were also...



The Tennessee Bar Association supports funding for the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program that allows recent law school graduates and other professionals to enter and continue working full time in public service jobs in government and the nonprofit sector. Under the program...


Chardon, Ohio lawyer JONATHON MEAD YARGER died Aug. 15. He was 58. After earning his law degree from Arizona School of Law, Yarger was a founding partner of his law firm Yarger, Radel and Pentz LLC. He spent 30 years representing clients in local, state and federal courts. Yarger was active in his community and outside of the courtroom,...

Licensure & Discipline


The Supreme Court of Tennessee reinstated the law license of Knoxville lawyer Keith Lane Edmiston on Aug. 24. Edmiston had been on disability inactive status since Dec. 2, 2013. He petitioned the court to reinstate his license on April 17.

The Law at Work

In Tennessee, it is well-settled that an employee has a cause of action for retaliatory discharge when he or she was terminated for filing a workers’ compensation claim.[1] But what if the individual is not an employee at all, but instead, an applicant? Is there a viable cause of action for failure-to-hire an individual because she filed a workers’...

But Seriously, Folks

In the 1997 motion picture, The Rainmaker, the diminutive Danny DeVito played Deck Shifflet, a “para-lawyer.”

Created by the noted lawyer/best-selling writer John Grisham, Shifflet was a law school graduate who never passed the Bar exam, having flunked it six times.