November, 2016

Cover Story

The Tennessee Constitution is a revolutionary document in its forceful protections of individual liberties.

President's Perspective

In Flanders Field the poppies blow,
Between the crosses, row on row …

Letters of the Law

Mindfulness, Meditation Used in Treatment, Article Appreciated

It was with great interest that I read your September cover story, “Just Breathe: How Mindfulness and Meditation Can Ease Stress in your Life and Law Practice,” by Suzanne Craig Robertson. She did a wonderful job of explaining this important tool...

Book Review

By Dan Zak | Blue Rider Press | $27 | 402 pages | 2016

History's Verdict

In 1817 William Holland Thomas, at the age of 12, departed his widowed mother at their home near Waynesville, North Carolina.[1] He took a job at a frontier trading post at Soco Creek, North Carolina. Most of the young store clerk’s customers were the Cherokees who traded furs, hides and ginseng. Will, a hardworking boy, aided by his mastery of both the...


The Tennessee Lawyers Association for Women (TLAW) has named Hamilton County Circuit Court Judge L. Marie Williams its 2016 Lioness of the Bar. In her selection, the group cited her dedicated service on the bench and extensive philanthropy. Williams has served on the bench since 1995.


The Music City Community Court Expungement Clinic was Oct. 1, kicking off Celebrate Pro Bono Month.


JAMES ALFRED ANDERSON of Chattanooga died Sept. 26 at the age of 69. A graduate of the Nashville School of Law, Anderson opened his own law practice and later served as magistrate judge for Hamilton County and on the local election commission. Before becoming an attorney, he held a number of positions in government, including posts at...

Licensure & Discipline


Davidson County lawyer James D. R. Roberts was reinstated to the practice of law on Sept. 20 after the Tennessee Supreme Court found that he had fulfilled the requirements for reinstatement. Roberts had been suspended on March 18 for six months.

Crime & Punishment

I am about to finish my second and final term as a member of the Board of Professional Responsibility.

When Justice Clark called six years ago, I didn’t know why she was calling. I remember exactly how the conversation went:

Justice Clark: This may be one of those calls you regret taking.
WD: Well, when...

But Seriously, Folks

I don’t tweet. I also do not quack, bark, moo or meow. I do text and send out way too many emails. But when I do so, I am very careful, particularly when I press “Send” on my lap top or iPhone, and I exercise even greater caution when I hit the dreaded “Reply All.”

I’ve learned from personal experience how dangerous emails can be, particularly when...