November, 2017

Cover Story

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, the protagonist Bilbo Baggins pens a memoir recounting harrowing adventures with a team of unlikely allies. His journey culminates in the improbable defeat of the mighty dragon Smaug and the return to the comforts of his beloved home. More recently, the Tennessee General Assembly has undertaken to combat the...

President's Perspective

There’s a large and growing gap between the existing legal needs of ordinary Americans — not just the poor — and the ability of the legal profession to meet those needs.

As a profession that sees self-regulation as a core value, what responsibility do we have to address this fundamental problem? More importantly, what can be done?

I put those...

Letters of the Law

50-Year TBJ Reader Likes October Issue Best

I have been reading our magazine for over 50 years. The October issue is the best written and informative one ever.

I have been a lawyer and TBA member all these years but never knew all the history of some of our law schools. Mr. Laska has written so many articles, but this was his best...

History's Verdict

Although best remembered for his two unsuccessful runs for the presidency, Thomas E. Dewey is arguably the greatest prosecutor in American history. His cases against organized crime figures are legend, and so is his courage.


Happy Birthday, Mr. Donelson!

Memphis lawyer Lewis "Lewie" Donelson III turned 100 Oct. 9 and was celebrated by many. He is a co-founder and senior counselor at Baker Donelson, which honored him for “the influence and lifelong commitment he has had upon the firm, the city of Memphis, the state of Tennessee, and the legal...



The Tennessee Supreme Court announced in October it will support reform of the state’s method for providing legal assistance to individuals unable to afford an attorney.

Responding to a report from its Indigent Representation Task Force, the court said it will seek funding to increase the...


Former Tennessee Bar Association Executive Director BILLIE ROBERTA BETHEL died Sept. 9. She was 85. A native of Missouri, Bethel earned her law degree from Washington University in St. Louis in 1957. She practiced in Missouri, Illinois and Tennessee before joining the TBA. She managed the organization for 18 years, until she moved to...

Licensure & Discipline

Administrative Suspensions Online Notice of attorneys suspended for, and reinstated from, administrative violations — including failure to pay the Board of Professional Responsibility fee, file the IOLTA report, comply with continuing legal education requirements and pay the Tennessee professional privilege tax — is now available...

Crime & Punishment

Is it possible to be convicted of a criminal offense without meaning to do something wrong? It is.

But Seriously, Folks

This month, Apple is releasing its newest phone, the iPhone X, which you can now purchase for a mere $1,000. (Well, okay, $999). The iPhone X hosts numerous features including “facial recognition” that will unlock the phone for its user.

That’s right, if you drop a grand on an iPhone X, your phone will actually recognize your face every time you...