Law Student Volunteer Award

This award recognizes the efforts of a student enrolled at a Tennessee law school during 2016 - 2017 who provided dedicated and outstanding volunteer service while working with an organization primarily engaged in providing legal representation to the indigent.


Please summarize the nominee's accomplishments and your reason for nominating this individual. This narrative should describe with specificity how the nominee meets the criteria of the award. Award winners will be selected based upon the narrative provided below. In making this nomination you should advocate for the nominees and tell us what they have accomplished that sets them apart from colleagues in their field and how their accomplishments have benefited the community. Provide specific examples and avoid generalizations as much as possible.

Please indicate when the nominee graduated from law school or when they anticipate graduation. (Nominees are eligible for nomination during the calendar year following their graduation.)

(1) In the box above, please state the name of the organization where student worked and the dates of the student’s work for the organization.

(2) In the box above, please describe what the nominee did to provide volunteer service during the past year? (200 words)

(3) In the box above, please describe how the nominee's services exceeded expectations, demonstrating dedicated and outstanding service? (Limit your response to 300 words)

(4) In the box above, please describe how this nominee’s service benefitted the organization and its clients? Please avoid generalizations and provide specific examples. (300 words)

(5) In the box above, please describe what sets the nominee apart from his/her fellow students. (200 words)

(6) If available, please provide additional material in support of the outstanding service and its impact, including copies of media coverage, letters of support or other similar information. This material should be emailed to Liz Todaro by the deadline.