McMinn County Lawyer Censured

McMinn County lawyer Andrew Edward Bateman was censured by the Tennessee Supreme Court yesterday after the court found that he created a conflict of interest by agreeing to represent both a husband and wife in an adoption matter. In addition, though the wife’s divorce counsel specifically instructed Bateman not to file the adoption petition, he did so. And he stated in the petition it was unknown whether the wife consented to the adoption proceeding though he knew she did not. In addition, the court found that Bateman created a conflict of interest when he filed a divorce complaint against the wife on behalf of the husband while representing both of them in the adoption matter. Finally, the court found that Bateman assisted the husband in ghostwriting pleadings in the divorce case after withdrawing from representation. The court found these actions violated Rules of Professional Conduct 1.2, 1.7(a), 3.1, 3.3(a), 4.1 and 8.4(a)(c) and (d).

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