TBA Government Affairs Team Gears Up for Session

The Tennessee General Assembly got down to real work this week with a first round of committee meetings, subcommittee meetings and hearings. So far, about 200 of the expected 1,500 bills have been introduced. More are expected by the cut-off for bill filing, which is Feb. 1. The TBA Governmental Affairs team is reviewing legislation that has been introduced, asking sections and committees for recommendations and meeting with lawmakers. The group includes Executive Director Emeritus Allan Ramsaur, Executive Director Joycelyn Stevenson, Legislative Counsel Gif Thornton and Brad Lampley. Effective Feb. 5, the team will also include Director of Public Policy Berkley Schwarz, who comes to the TBA from the Tennessee Secretary of State's office.  Watch TBAToday for updates on legislation of interest to lawyers, including TBA’s most important initiative this year, Indigent Representation. Use TBA Impact to contact lawmakers regarding your view on issues important to the bar. 
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