TSC Issues Notice of 2018 Rules Package

The Tennessee Supreme Court issued notice today that the 2018 rules package will go into effect July 1. Included in the package were revisions to the Tennessee Rules of Appellate Procedure (Senate Resolution No. 165 adopted February 26; House Resolution No. 200 adopted March 5) Rules of Civil Procedure (Senate Resolution No.163 adopted February 26; House Resolution No. 202 adopted March 5) Rules of Criminal Procedure (Senate Resolution No.166 adopted March 1; House Resolution No. 207 adopted March 19) Rules of Evidence (Senate Resolution No. 164 adopted April 11; House Resolution No. 201 adopted March 5) and Rules of Juvenile Procedure (Senate Resolution No. 167 adopted February 26; House Resolution No. 208 adopted March 19), which have been ratified and approved by the General Assembly.
2018_rule_resolution_notice_5-11-2018.pdf61.55 KB
hr0200_-_appellate_-_march_5_2018.pdf61.25 KB
hr0201_-_evidence_-_march_5_2018.pdf59.1 KB
hr0202_-_civil_-_march_5_2018_1.pdf60.31 KB
hr0207_-_criminal_-_march_19_2018.pdf59.71 KB
hr0208_-_juvenile_-_march_19_2018.pdf59.97 KB
sr0163_-_civil_-_feb._26_2018.pdf56.65 KB
sr0164_-_evidence_-_april_11_2018.pdf56.49 KB
sr0165_-_appellate_-_feb._26_2018.pdf57.62 KB
sr0166_-_criminal_-_march_1_2018.pdf57.18 KB
sr0167_-_juvenile_-_feb._26_2018.pdf56.81 KB
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