Information for Educators

Thank you for considering the CATALYST Curriculum as drafted by the Young Lawyers Division of the Tennessee Bar Association for your United States Government and Civics Course. We hope you will implement this program in your class as an interactive way to assist your students in mastering this particular course material.

Please note, the curriculum outlined above covers GC. 54, and 62-64 of the United States Government and Civics Curriculum as required by the Tennessee Department of Education.

More specifically, the following standards are covered:

  • GC.54 Identify and describe the provisions of the Tennessee Constitution that define and distribute powers and authority of the state government. (P, TN)
  • GC.60 Describe how citizens can monitor and influence local and state government as individuals and members of interest groups. (P, TN)
  • GC.62 Identify current representatives (per the student’s respective district) in the Tennessee General Assembly and research their past and current proposed legislation that has significantly impacted the lives of Tennesseans. (P, TN) GC.63 Identify the current governor of Tennessee and examine his/her platform for improving the quality of life in Tennessee. (P, TN) (Todd Skelton)
  • GC.64 Working with other students, identify a significant public policy issue in your community, gather information about that issue, fairly evaluate the various points of view of competing interests, examine ways of participating in the decision making process about the issue, and write a position paper or make a presentation on how the issue should be resolved. (C, P, TN)


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