2014 Tennessee Judicial Selection Information Center

As a public service, the Tennessee Bar Association program is working to help ensure that our upcoming judicial elections are conducted in a manner that will maintain confidence in our judiciary. This website provides information for candidates as well as for voters.

Supreme Court Candidate Evaluation Poll

For the first time in its history, the TBA conducted a poll to compile the views of TBA members on the upcoming retention election for three Supreme Court justices. The TBA took this unprecedented step as part of its efforts to help ensure that the 2014 judicial elections maintain a fair, impartial and accountable judiciary. Results -- showing that more than 9 of 10 TBA members who responded favor retention of all three justices -- were released on June 13. See the results here.

Retention Recommendations

The Tennessee Judicial Evaluation Commission conducted a thorough review of each appellate court judge and made recommendations on whether each should be retained. The information is available from the Administrative Office of the Courts' website.

Tennessee Fair Judicial Campaign Code of Conduct

The Tennessee Fair Judicial Campaign Code of Conduct, which is designed to maintain the highest standards of discourse, was sent to all judges and judicial candidates. Those who sign the code pledge not to comment during the campaign on legal issues that might come before them as a judge, and if elected, to conduct themselves in a fair and impartial manner and recuse themselves from issues on which they already have announced how they would rule.

2014 Judicial Candidates

See the list of candidates who have announced for upcoming judicial elections. Those who have signed the Code of Conduct are noted in red.

Appellate Court Judges (Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Court of Criminal Appeals)

State Trial Court Candidates (Chancery, Circuit, Criminal)

Candidates for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction (General Sessions, Juvenile)

These lists were compiled from multiple sources, so it they may be incomplete. If you see errors or omissions, please contact TBA staff member Karen Belcher.

2014 Primary Election Results

Most counties in the state held primaries on May 6 to select judicial candidates for the August general election. The TBA has put together a summary of news stories covering those races.

Policy on Unjust Criticism of Judges

In November 1997, the TBA Board of Governors adopted a Policy on Unjust Criticism of Judges to identify the circumstances under which a response to unjust criticism will be made, the circumstances under which a response to unjust criticism will not be made and the appropriate means for making a response.

During the current campaign cycle, the TBA has responded to three cases of unjust criticism:

Read Cindy Wyrick's response to a column unjustly critical of the Board of Judicial Conduct

Read Cindy Wyrick's response to a column unjustly critical of members of the Supreme Court

Read Jonathan Steen's response to a column unjustly critical of the Board of Judicial Conduct

November Constitutional Amendment

On Nov. 4, Tennessee voters will be asked to consider a new constitutional amendment (Amendment 2) that will change the way appellate judges are appointed and retained in the state. The TBA has developed this Q&A piece to help voters understand the issues at stake. The TBA Board of Governors has voted to support the amendment and the association has endorsed the YES on 2 campaign led by Gov. Bill Haslam, former Gov. Phil Bredesen and former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson. Download Senate Joint Resolution 2, which also contains the text of the amendment and instructions for ballot consideration.

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Additional Resources

August Election Results by Judicial District

Get results from the Aug. 7 elections and link to news reports about key races.

Early Voting Ends Today

Access to Election Commissions across the state is available from the Secretary of State’s office, while information from Davidson, Hamilton, Knox and Shelby counties is available from each of them.

Informed Voters -- Fair Judges

Informed Voters -- Fair Judges is a new campaign designed to educate voters about the judicial system, the importance of fair and impartial judicial elections and how to evaluate judicial candidates. Tennessee is one of eight states to participate in the project, which is sponsored by the National Association of Women Judges and the League of Women Voters.

Judging Our Judges

Download "Judging Our Judges" -- a guide to help voters evaluate judicial candidates.

What is a Retention Election?

The League of Women Voters of Tennessee offers a guide to the retention election process in Tennessee and how to be an informed voter.