Proposed Amendments to Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 6

On April 18, 2018, the Tennessee Supreme Court entered an order adopting the Uniform Bar Examination and amending the relevant sections of Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 7. In addition, the Court stated that it would consider “whether to adopt a post-admission law component and the content of such a requirement.” To that end, proposed revisions to Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 6 would require new attorneys to complete a Tennessee Law Course within one year of admission to the Tennessee bar.

The Tennessee Law Course would be administered by the Administrative Office of the Court and include, but not be limited to, instruction on areas of Tennessee civil and criminal procedure, real estate, wills, estates and trusts, business organizations, family law, and administrative law.

The Tennessee Bar Association has a working group on this issue and will be drafting comments in response to the court's Order for Comment. To ensure this comment best reflects members’ views and positions, the groups is looking for your feedback. Share your thoughts about the proposed amendments through this form below by June 8.

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