Medical-Legal Partnership Working Group

Background and Resources

The Medical-Legal Partnership Working Group (“MLP Working Group”) was formed in 2014 as part of TBA President Jonathan Steen’s initiative to focus on these unique programs and to consider how the TBA might support their development, growth and sustainability.


Working Group Membership
The MLP Working Group includes TBA President Jonathan Steen, representatives from the TBA Access to Justice Committee (“ATJ Committee”), the TBA Health Law Section, the TBA House of Delegates and Board of Governors, existing MLPs, private attorneys, in-house and corporate counsel, physicians, and representatives from Tennessee’s medical and hospital professional associations. TBA ATJ Committee Vice Chair John Farringer of Sherrard & Roe is serving as the 2014-2015 chair of the group.

Subcommittees & Goals
The MLP Working Group formed subcommittees to focus on specific goals and engaging with different groups. Some of the project goals include researching and identifying ways that bar associations and other professional organizations can support MLPs in Tennessee and what role the TBA can take, including developing training and outreach materials. Another goal is focused on researching, drafting and vetting a resolution, report and supporting materials addressing MLPs. Next steps include encouraging more discussion and seeking support for MLPs from the legal and medical communities. Subcommittee chairs include John Farringer, Sheri Edwards and Charlie McDaniel.

TBA Resolution & Report
In April 2015, the TBA Board of Governors and House of Delegates voted unanimously in support of a resolution recommended by the TBA Access to Justice Committee and the Medical-Legal Partnership Working Group. The resolution encourages legal organizations in Tennessee to "establish, develop and maintain medical-legal partnerships" in collaboration with medical and healthcare organizations. The full resolution and accompanying report and materials are available here.



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Atlanta Health Law Partnership (HeLP)

National Center for Medical Legal Partnership

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