Mentoring Resource Sheets

Mentor.pdf197.52 KB
First Meeting of the Mentee and Mentor.pdf153.92 KB
Introduction to the Mentor's Office.pdf190.19 KB
Introduction to Pro Bono, Civic and Charitable Activities.pdf252.92 KB
Introduction to the Organized Bar.pdf165.79 KB
Introduction to the Courthouse.pdf190.86 KB
Introduction of Conflicts of Interest.pdf4.52 MB
Introduction to Client Confidentiality.pdf505.36 KB
Introduction to Malpractice and Grievance Traps.pdf4.56 MB
Introduction to Malpractice Insurance.pdf1.47 MB
Introduction to Preventing the Unauthorized Practice of Law.pdf1.59 MB
Introduction to Reporting Lawyer Misconduct.pdf1.03 MB
Introduction to the Grievance Process.pdf1.35 MB
Law Office Management.pdf233.48 KB
Leaving a Firm.pdf1.57 MB
Office Personnel.pdf9.83 MB
Office Politics.pdf658.32 KB
Time Management.pdf2.75 MB
Introduction to Client Communication.pdf1.76 MB
Introduction to Client Decision-Making and Involvement.pdf161.76 KB
Introduction to Client Development.pdf807.98 KB
Introduction to Dealing with Others.pdf1020.81 KB
Introduction to Difficult Clients.pdf697.86 KB
Introduction to Legal Counseling.pdf177.79 KB
Professional Conduct Duties for the Lawyer to the Client and to the Administration of Justice.pdf176.02 KB
A Lawyers Creed and Lawyers Aspirational Ideals.pdf542.53 KB
Issues of Incivility In Legal Profession.pdf171.36 KB
Strategies for Managing Incivility.pdf152.26 KB
Balance Between Career and Personal Life.pdf238.33 KB
Career Satisfaction.pdf2.24 MB
Energy Management and Life Balance.pdf7.11 MB
Strengths Based Lawyering.pdf817.28 KB
Flexible and Accurate Thinking for Optimism.pdf341.33 KB
Laws Five Challenges to Thriving.pdf1.56 MB
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues.pdf3.23 MB
Career Objectives.pdf1.98 MB
Career Paths.pdf1.26 MB
Job Searching for Lawyers.pdf4.04 MB
Managing Law School Debt.pdf840.31 KB
Planning for Retirement, Death or Disability.pdf3.31 MB
Introduction to Alternate Dispute Resolution.pdf840 KB
Negotiation.pdf1.95 MB
Appellate Courts.pdf1.01 MB
Criminal Law and Rules.pdf213.51 KB
Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession.pdf175.42 KB
Personal Actions to Support Diversity and Inclusion.pdf173.31 KB
Discovery.pdf161.36 KB
Introduction to Case Evaluation.pdf1.79 MB
Introduction to Depositions.pdf2.59 MB
Introduction to Legal Writing.pdf182.83 KB
Co Counseling.pdf2.35 MB
Government and Legislation.pdf342.36 KB
Introduction to Local Rules.pdf218.99 KB
Introduction to the Local Jail.pdf164.67 KB
Introduction to Unwritten Customs and Rules.pdf169.69 KB
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