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This is TBA’s newest section and was created by TBA leadership to provide members the opportunity to come together for the purposes of exchanging information and to provide CLE on appellate practice issues.

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Executor of Sedley Alley's Estate Says She Has the Right to Review Crime Scene Evidence

The daughter of Sedley Alley, who was convicted of raping and killing Lance Corporal Suzanne Collins in 1985 and ultimately executed for the crime, yesterday asked a judge in Memphis to allow review of evidence from the murder scene to provide closure on the crime once and for all, The New York Times reports. April Alley maintains that as executor of her father’s estate she is entitled to continue the pursuit of justice and asks that preserved evidence found at the scene — including the victim’s underwear, a pair of red briefs apparently worn by the attacker and a 31-inch tree branch — be tested for DNA and matched against her father’s that was harvested when he was still alive. Alley was initially denied review of the evidence for DNA material, a request prosecutors claimed was a stalling maneuver; however, five years after his execution, the Tennessee Supreme Court concluded the lower court’s denial was errant. 

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Raybin Hot List: Self Defense, Teacher Tenure, Parenting Plan Modifications and More

The Raybin Tennessee Supreme Court Hot List, produced by Raybin & Weissman PC, compiles and analyzes cases that have recently been granted review by the Tennessee Supreme Court. On the docket this month are two cases involving a post-divorce custody dispute, a case of an employee who was terminated after he was involved in a physical altercation at a political rally, a tenured teacher who was transferred after administration learned he lacked an administrator’s license, two plaintiffs alleging the filing of undiscounted hospital liens violated the law, a defendant seeking a self-defense argument in his murder trial, and more. Read the full list here.
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