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This section was created for attorneys who are in the creditors practice field. It provides its members the opportunity to exchange information with other practitioners in this area of practice, provides timely CLE and legislative updates.

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Ballad Health Filed More Than 6,700 Lawsuits Regarding Medical Debt Last Year

Tennessee-based hospital conglomerate Ballad Health filed more than 6,700 lawsuits against patients last year highlighting concerns over skyrocketing medical debt, The New York Times reports. The company, which oversees more than 20 hospitals in Virginia and Tennessee, has filed over 44,000 lawsuits since 2009, with the number of suits typically increasing on an annual basis. Executive Vice President for System Innovation and Chief Population Health Officer Anthony Keck said the company is only pursuing patients who have the means to pay but choose not to; however, detractors contend healthcare companies are targeting people who appear they can pay, but cannot afford the higher deductibles stipulated by insurance companies.

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U.S. House Hears Testimony Regarding Unfair Housing Practices for Same-sex Couples

The U.S. House Financial Services Committee on Tuesday considered evidence regarding claims of discrimination involving same-sex couples who encounter more denials and higher interest rates when applying for mortgages, the Washington Blade reports. The committee heard testimony that LGBT adults are twice as likely as their non-LGBT counterparts to report having been denied housing, and that same-sex couples experience about three to eight percent lower approval rates in acquiring loans than same-sex couples. This hearing is part of a push for passage of the Equality Act, which passed the House in May. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has refused to advance the legislation for a vote in that chamber.

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