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Rutherford Adult Detention Center Facing Another Bunk-Related Lawsuit

The Rutherford County Adult Detention Center (RCADC) is facing another lawsuit involving its bunk beds and denial of medical treatment, the Daily News Journal reports. A federal lawsuit, filed pro se by Angelo Gleaves, maintains that he was injured after his top bunk fell because it was improperly secured, leading to dizziness, pain and migraines. Gleaves also contends that when he notified jail staff of his injuries, he was taunted, denied treatment and suffered physical abuse by employees. A similar lawsuit was filed in April against RCADC by another inmate who was paralyzed after he fell off of a top bunk, despite claims that he notified jail staff of medical conditions that prevented him from being able to use the higher bed. Gleaves seeks $100,000 from the jail and its medical provider for his injuries.

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CoreCivic Fighting to Keep Documents Related to Inmate's Death Under Seal

More than 18 months after Earl Johnson allegedly died from being beaten for a bag of coffee at Hardeman County Correctional Facility, his widow is suing prison corporation CoreCivic, claiming understaffing ultimately caused his death, the Jackson Sun reports. CoreCivic, however, is refusing to produce documents Carolyn Johnson's attorney says are relevant to the case. Amanda Gilchrist, a representative for CoreCivic, wrote in a statement that CoreCivic is "committed to transparency" but follows "standard legal practice" to "ensure that information that could compromise the safety and security of our facilities is not available publicly." Under an order issued on April 3, CoreCivic can restrict public access to documents pertaining to Earl Johnson's death, the operations of the prison system and information concerning prison safety.
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