DCS to Reevaluate Policies After Shooting

The Department of Children’s Services (DCS) is reviewing its current policies regarding weekend home passes after a 16-year-old violent offender on furlough shot a man at a Nashville gas station, The Tennessean reports. David Earl Mays was charged with shooting the victim in the torso during an attempted carjacking as the man was getting gas. Mays — who was ordered into DCS custody for handgun possession, aggravated robbery and theft of $2,500 or more — had been cited for several infractions during his incarceration of just over six months, with the department noting he “continued to exhibit violent behavior” and transferring him to a more rigid facility  "due to disruptive behavior and involvement in several serious incidents.” Mays will be charged as an adult in the case of the shooting.

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Woman Files Lawsuit Against Rutherford County Regarding Guilty Plea in Child Abuse Case

A woman who pleaded guilty to aggravated child abuse in 2007 is suing the Murfreesboro Police Department and Rutherford County, claiming the plea was made under duress, The Daily News Journal reports. Catherin Funk-Vaughn filed the pro se lawsuit in federal court on Nov. 28, asking for $9.9 million, alleging she thought that she was pleading to a diversion charge — not a guilty plea — and that her attorney told her the only way she would see her children again was if she pleaded guilty. She also says her name was misspelled as “Catherine” on court documents, making them void and claims violations against several of her constitutional rights. Funk-Vaughn has also filed a separate suit against the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.

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