Republican Lawmakers Ask Trump to Pull Out of Trade Deal Over LGBT Protections

40 House Republicans on Nov. 16 sent a letter to President Trump asking him to drop out of the latest trade proposal with Mexico and Canada because of a provision encouraging countries to adopt policies barring anti-LGBT discrimination in the workforce, The Washington Blade reports. The group, led by Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.), say they are “deeply concerned” by the proposed requirements and that “a trade agreement is no place for the adoption of social policy.” The lawmakers maintain that the proposal would undermine efforts currently underway in the U.S. government. 

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Legislation Affecting the LGBT Community in Committees Today

The Tennessee Equality Project is urging supporters to contact state legislators in two House subcommittees as they debate the merits of two bills that affect the LGBT community, reports Out and About Nashville.
The first, SB2480/HB2620, an anti-trans bathroom bill, is on the agenda for the Civil Justice Subcommittee today (March 21). Last week, legislators in that subcommittee questioned the potentially far reach of the bill. While it would compel the state to represent any instance in which a school board is required to defend an anti-trans policy.
The second, HB0054/SB0127, popularly recognized at the Business License to Discriminate bill, is on the agenda for the State Government Subcommittee for today. That bill would prohibit government agencies from inspecting the internal business policies of organizations with which it contracts.
You can track the progress of both using these links: SB2480/HB2620; HB0054/SB0127
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Dunford: No Immediate Ban on Transgender People in Military

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says in a memo that there won’t be any immediate change in the policy regarding people who are transgender serving in the military, the ABA Journal reports. Gen. Joseph Dunford said the policy won’t change until the military receives President Donald Trump’s direction to change it and the military issues “implementation guidance.” Trump tweeted Wednesday morning that transgender people will not be allowed to serve in the military in any capacity. A policy adopted last year allowed transgender recruits to enlist or be commissioned in the officer corps by July 1.

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UT Reaches $750K Settlement in Discrimination Lawsuit

The University of Tennessee announced Monday it had reached a $750,000 settlement with its former associate director of sports medicine and two ex-Lady Volunteers strength coaches in a gender discrimination and retaliation lawsuit. Jenny Moshak, Heather Mason and Collin Schlosser claimed in the 2012 lawsuit that they received less compensation than employees holding similar positions and performing comparable tasks for men's teams. School officials said that "the university unequivocally denies that any of the three former employees suffered any discrimination or retaliation." Read more from the Associated Press.

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