Proposed Ordinance Seeks to Ban Retail Sales of Cats and Dogs in Franklin

The city of Franklin is considering a ban on retail sales of cats and dogs, The Tennessean reports. The proposed ordinance will address only brick-and-mortar business's sales — not personal  — and allowing stores already operating with a valid business license to remain open. Under the prospective rule, only one existing Franklin business will be allowed to sell the animals. City leaders plan to vote on the measure later this year or early 2019.

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City of Franklin Seeks Assistant City Attorney

The city of Franklin is seeking an Assistant City Attorney to provide legal services and representation to assigned departments, commissions, and committees — representing the city, its officials, and employees in civil cases. The Assistant City Attorney will also draft ordinances, resolutions, leases, contracts, court pleadings, etc., relating to lawsuits and/or other municipal concerns. Interested candidates can learn more about the position and apply using this link.

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Franklin Educator Selected in Federal Program to Teach Conflict Resolution

Centennial High School’s Cassie Bates was one of only four educators selected to participate in the Peace Teacher Program through the U.S. Institute for Peace, The Tennessean reports. This congressionally funded program provides resources and professional development in order to bring themes of global peace and conflict resolution into the selected educator’s classrooms and communities. Bates will be leading Centennial High’s participation in the International Day of Peace on Sept. 21. Additionally, she will undertake the challenge of sharing international peacemaking principals and conflict resolution skills with other Tennessee educators and the community.

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