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Nonprofit Develops Free App for Low-income Bankruptcy Filings

The nonprofit organization Upsolve is using technology and pro bono attorneys to develop an app to assist low-income Americans with Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings, according to an article from OZY. The app prompts users to upload relevant documents, like pay stubs and tax forms, and the data from them are used to auto-fill chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions, schedules, and statements of financial affairs. Additional information is auto-filled based upon the results of a credit check. The nonprofit is funded by philanthropists, Google, Harvard and the U.S. government.

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Legal Assistance Volunteers For Patent Applicants

Georgia Lawyers for the Arts to Administer Program

Administration of the Legal Assistance Volunteers for Patent Applicants program will move from the Tennessee Legal Community Foundation (“TLCF”) to Georgia Lawyers for the Arts (“Georgia PATENTS”) on October 1, 2018.

For individuals who have been matched with attorneys, please note that Georgia PATENTS will continue to serve the Tennessee community and will provide support necessary to continue your work.

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