Hamilton County RICO Defendant Pleads Not Guilty in Murder of State's Witness

One of the three men facing the death penalty for conspiracy in the murder of a state’s witness pleaded not guilty on Monday, The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports. Courtney High allegedly conspired with Andre Grier and Charles Shelton to kidnap and kill Bianca Horton who was to testify regarding a murder trial of another member of the Athens Park Bloods gang. Horton’s then two-year-old daughter was paralyzed during the slaying. All men are part of a 54-person RICO indictment in Hamilton County.
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Chattanooga Racketeering Indictment Raises Concerns of Overreach

Most of the 54 people charged in last month's racketeering indictment against a Chattanooga street gang don't know what they're specifically accused of doing, reports The Chattanooga Times Free Press. Criminal defense attorneys who've previously represented many of the accused are seeking as much information as possible before April 27, when all 54 defendants are set to appear in Hamilton County Criminal Court to plead guilty or not guilty.
Critics say these cases can be an overreach, creating collateral damage for those who may not have committed serious crimes, yet can be punished for their previous affiliation with gang members. Prosecutors declined to comment on this case, so the extent of their evidence is unknown. You can read the full presentment here.
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