Toys R Us

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Rules in Favor of Toys 'R' Us

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Keith L. Phillips ordered Fung Retailing Ltd., a joint venture partner of Toys “R” Us Inc., to drop a court action against the retailer yesterday in Richmond, Virginia, Bloomberg reports. This decision negates a Hong Kong court order to suspend the auction of Toys’ Asia operation, of which Fung owns 15 percent stake. Fung claims it will be harmed by the way Toys is pursuing a sale, while Toys claims Fung is attempting to scare off opposing bidders in order to buy out Toys’ stake at a discount.   

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Memphis Landlord Trying to Save Shuttering Toys 'R' Us Location

A Memphis Toys R Us is among as many as 182 stores likely to close as part of its bankruptcy reorganization plan, but a local shopping center owner will try negotiating to keep it open. The beleaguered company announced its filing of Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing last September, acknowledging that it needed to revamp its long-term debt totaling more than $5 billion.
"I was a little surprised,'' Michael Lightman said of learning that the Toys R Us made the closure list. "I thought that store was doing just fine. I'm still trying to reach the right people at Toys R Us to find out more detail,'' he said.
The company noted that some closings may be avoided if it is able to negotiate more favorable lease terms. But most of the stores listed in the documents are expected to close as Toys R Us tries to reinvent itself as a leaner, smarter retailer. "The reinvention of our brands requires that we make tough decisions about our priorities and focus," Toys R Us chief executive Dave Brandon said in a letter posted on the company's website.
Toys R Us will shrink its store fleet by about 20 percent if all planned 182 stores are closed. Lightman's location is among two planned Tennessee closures for the company. Babies R Us on Nolensville Road in Nashville is also planned for closure. A complete list of closing stores can be found here.
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