Legislation Affecting the LGBT Community in Committees Today

The Tennessee Equality Project is urging supporters to contact state legislators in two House subcommittees as they debate the merits of two bills that affect the LGBT community, reports Out and About Nashville.
The first, SB2480/HB2620, an anti-trans bathroom bill, is on the agenda for the Civil Justice Subcommittee today (March 21). Last week, legislators in that subcommittee questioned the potentially far reach of the bill. While it would compel the state to represent any instance in which a school board is required to defend an anti-trans policy.
The second, HB0054/SB0127, popularly recognized at the Business License to Discriminate bill, is on the agenda for the State Government Subcommittee for today. That bill would prohibit government agencies from inspecting the internal business policies of organizations with which it contracts.
You can track the progress of both using these links: SB2480/HB2620; HB0054/SB0127
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