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The Right to Remain Silent: Law Enforcement and the Duty to Intervene

My entire life I was raised never to question the motives of law enforcement. If they stopped me, they must have had a legitimate reason. As a white male, I never questioned that notion.  I remember the moment when I first really understood the concept of systemic racism by law enforcement. …


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My Time on Death Row

This young lawyer recounts her experience representing a man on death row -- what she learned, who else was involved, and what she didn't expect.

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Remembering Judge Pamela Reeves

Read Bill Haltom's moving tribute about Judge Pamela Reeves, the first woman to serve as the Tennessee Bar Association's president, and as the first female federal judge in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee. After her death, memories flooded in from friends and colleagues, many of which are reprinted here. 

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Modern Challenges to Agency Deference

On a daily basis, thousands of Tennessee attorneys interact with the State and its numerous regulatory departments. From TDOT regulations to child support guidelines to the Department of Agriculture’s 21 different rules concerning eggs, Tennessee’s administrative agencies are pervasive and, much like their federal counterparts, “pok[e] into every nook and cranny of daily life.”


Columns: Quick Reads on Timely Topics

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President's Perspective

Reflecting on Our Health, Families, Safety and Purpose

Since my last column, the Tennessee Bar Association has been hard at work. In September, the TBA helped sponsored the Equal Justice University Conference, surveyed our members on important government affairs issues, and held virtual meetings of the House of Delegates and Board of Governors. 

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Older & Wiser

When Seniors Are Forced to Leave a Facility

An issue that is increasingly affecting seniors is being discharged or evicted — against their will and when they have nowhere else to go — from a hospital, long-term care facility or in-home care services. Unfortunately, this problem exists with little in the way of solutions. As the family’s lawyer, you need to know what resources are available — and be aware that there are not many.

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Crime & Punishment

Protecting Attorney- Client Privilege (Part II)

Criminal defense lawyers meet with clients and potential clients under difficult emotional circumstances. Lawyers have to develop relationships with clients, and we need them to tell us the truth in order to help them. Often, clients want to bring a friend or family member for support when they meet with lawyers. But we know that the attorney-client privilege does not protect conversations when a third party is present — so what is the best way to deal with this situation?

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History's Verdict

Clash of the Titans: Tennessee's First Great Murder Trial

Tennessee’s earliest circuit-riding lawyers spent at least half the year on horseback, saddlebags stuffed with law books and a clean shirt, traveling between county seats and taking part in as many as 17 trials a day …

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Nashville lawyer John P. Williams provides the shot for this month's Quick Inspiration for Your Busy Day. 



The Legal Life: Passages, Licensure & Discipline, 50 Years Ago, Sections

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Readers write in about notable photos and art used in the Journal, asking for information on how to access them for framing -- and another long-time reader has a fervent wish to bring back the writing of a former humor columnist.

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NEWS: Run for TBA Office, Petitions Due Feb. 15, 2021

During 2021, officers, governors and delegates of the Tennessee Bar Association (TBA) will be elected as set forth in the association’s bylaws. Learn about how to run for these offices. But hurry, the deadline is Feb. 15, 2021.

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SECTIONS: Law Students, Lawyers Pair Up at Crim Law Day

Last November, the Tennessee Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section and the Lincoln Memorial University Duncan School of Law (LMU Law) collaborated in the school and organization’s first Crim Law Day — a program designed to offer law students a glimpse into the daily life of a criminal law practitioner. See how the event has changed and expanded for this year.

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Tennessee Bar Association members who have died recently are memorialized.

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50 YEARS: 1970 Officers + a New Way to Choose Judges

And speaking of the election of Tennessee Bar Association officers, take a look at the 1970 election results: Walter P. Armstrong Jr., of the Memphis firm of Armstrong, Allen, Braden, Goodman, McBride and Prewitt, was elected moving vice president. Today we call that position simply vice president, a position that ascends to president-elect and president. 

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Read about the lawyers who have recently been reinstated, disbarred, suspended, censured, or transferred their licenses to disability inactive status.