Indigent Representation Task Force Announced

The Tennessee Supreme Court announced the promised Indigent Representation Task Force last week. Former Supreme Court Justice and current Nashville School of Law Dean William C. Koch will lead the group, which will hold an organizational meeting on Nov. 6. Tennessee Supreme Court Chief Justice Sharon Lee announced the task force and its mission: to look at indigency determinations, delivery of services, administration of the indigent representation fund and the current compensation rate. It is anticipated the task force will work to develop a proposal for the 110th General Assembly, which will begin in January 2017.

The TBA will continue to push forward with efforts to increase the compensation rate through legislation during the second half of the 109th General Assembly. Please add your voice to this effort by signing up for TBAImpact and contacting your state representatives.

Contact TBA’s Public Policy Coordinator Brenda Gadd, (615) 383-7421 or YLD Public Policy Committee Chair Will Hicky, (615)324-8777 for more information about this or any other policy issue.

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