New Website Launched for 2020

TBA has launched an entirely new website and member database and we hope you will check it out. After nearly a year of planning, development and design, our new TBA web interface makes it easier to access updated news, connect with other members, manage your account from a personalized dashboard and get the full benefit of your TBA membership. This page contains updates and hints for navigating the new website. 

We implemented this new system to ensure that our database and website continued to meet the standards necessary to best serve our members. As with any new technology, we have a few issues to smooth out as we implement this new system. Thank you for the constructive feedback that we have received so far on our new website. We continue to welcome your questions and comments regarding the new site and communication tools and ask that you contact us to report any issues you are experiencing so we can help resolve them. 

Of course, TBA staff is always happy to help, so please do not hesitate to contact us directly. For questions and support call our office at 615-383-7421 or email

Log-In & Password Updates

The new TBA website requires all users to update log-in and password. (Passwords are encrypted for security, so they could not be automatically updated as we launched a new website.)

You should have received an email from, providing you with a personalized link to reset your password and access your new account upgrade. If you did not receive the email, you can also update your password by selecting the "I forgot my password" and entering your email address. You should receive an email with a link to reset your password.   

Some users may receive a message that they must select a new log-in, because their previous one is already in use. This is because our new website and database are part of a larger MemberCentral system, which also serves the Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis Bar Associations, as well as some other professional and affinity organizations. If users receive this message, simply select a new user name, along with password, to log-in. 

Take a Tour of the new TBA Website

After resetting your password, take a quick tour of the new interface and members should visit their MyTBA dashboard to update profile and contact information and see personalized news and events. Members receive unlimited access to Fastcase, 3 free hours of CLE, access to Tennessee legal news and more. You can also read more information about our technology refresh in the January issue of the Tennessee Bar Journal.

TBA Publications, including TBA Today

TBA Today is also getting a refresh and will be coming from a different email address, Members can easily access all of TBA's channels of communication, including the bi-monthly Tennessee Bar Journal and the TBA Podcast Network


We have received feedback from a few members that the new formatting of TBA Today, specifically the “Opinions” section has glitches. From our follow-up with members experiencing issues with TBA Today, it seems as if most of the problems are with individuals using Windows and/or Outlook to receive email. We are working to resolve these problems so all TBA members can receive daily news and opinions in a user-friendly format.

While we are working to resolve these issue, TBA Members can always access TBA Today via the website. The Jan. 27 issue of TBA Today is available here:

Another factor that may be causing formatting problems for some members is if they are viewing TBA Today as a forwarded email from another account. We understand that some members use forwarding rules or receive communications via an assistant and in these cases the forwarded email does not maintain the original template format. (We are working to resolve these issues, as well. In the meantime, members can visit the TBA website to update email preferences to receive TBA Today and other newsletters directly in their main email account.)


TBA will continue to use this Launch Information page with updates and hints about the new website and email communications.

We are so excited to share the new TBA website and communication tools and truly appreciate your questions and feedback. Again, please stay in touch with TBA via email or phone.

For questions and support call our office at 615-383-7421 or email