Recipients of the Justice Frank F. Drowota III Outstanding Judicial Service Award

The Executive Committee of the Tennessee Bar Association chooses the recipient of the Justice Frank F. Drowota Outstanding Judicial Service Award based upon open nominations received by the Executive Committee.

2006:   Justice Frank F. Drowota III

2007:   Lance Bracy

2008:   William M. Barker

2009:   Herschel P. Franks

2010:   The Honorable Barbara Haynes

2011:   The Honorable John J. Maddux, Jr.

2012:   The Honorable Robert L. "Butch" Childers

2013:   The Honorable Janice M. Holder

2014:   The Honorable Gary Wade

2015:   The Honorable James F. Butler

2016:   The Honorable William Joseph Haynes, Jr.

2017:   The Honorable Charles D. Susano, Jr.

2018:   The Honorable Cornelia A. Clark

2019:   Dean William C. Koch, Jr.

2020:   The Honorable Jeffrey S. Bivins