The Tennessee Bar Association has compiled a number of resources for Tennessee lawyers during the COVID-19 epidemic that has spread across the state and around the globe. These materials are being made available to everyone, without login or TBA membership required for access.

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  • Court Policies and Procedures

    Court Policies and Procedures

    Information about the impact COVID-19 is having on court proceedings in Tennessee.

  • Government Responses

    Government Responses

    Federal, state and local governments have taken a range of approaches to limiting the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The following information has been collected from public news sources.

  • Closed

    Cancellations, Postponements, Closures

    Agencies, organizations, government offices and more are closed or operating on reduced or altered schedules. Find out details.

  • Pandemic Resources

    Legal Resources

    National, state and local legal organizations are providing information and guidance on the COVID-19 virus and how you can continue to serve your clients during the pandemic.

  • Firms

    Resources from Law Firms

    Law firms across Tennessee have made resources available for dealing with legal issues arising from the pandemic.