The TBA makes every effort to maintain normal working hours and responses during periods of inclement weather in order to continue providing services to TBA Members and the community. However, in the interest of staff and volunteer safety, a determination may be made to close the office and/or cancel events depending on the seriousness of weather conditions.


Very occasionally, emergency conditions caused by extreme inclement weather may warrant the closing of the TBA office and/or cancellation of events. 
In situations where the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) has issued a declaration of Level 3 State Emergency, the TBA offices will be closed and/or events will be cancelled in the location where the emergency is declared. 
There may be additional situations that warrant closure of TBA offices and/or cancellation or delay of TBA events. The TBA Executive Director, in consultation with TBA President and/or other Bar leaders may make these determinations by considering the following and related factors:  
  • State of Tennessee offices are closed
  • Metro Nashville or other local government offices are closed 
  • Closures of other organizations or locations 
  • Other types of localized or widespread emergencies


In instances where TBA is closed and/or events are cancelled, these closures will be noted on the front page of the TBA website and communicated via other means, including TBA Today, social media and email. The outgoing TBA voice mail message will also be updated with closing information and will direct callers to the TBA website for more information. 
With regard to CLE and other events involving volunteers and/or the public, the TBA will make efforts to communicate inclement weather closure policy in advance of events as well as communicating closure or delay updates via email, social media, texting and the other methods listed above to all who have registered for an event and to all who have received targeted marketing for any event.