There are many benefits to becoming a CLE speaker. As a CLE speaker, you will meet and have a chance to talk with attorneys from various parts of the state and who practice in different areas of the law. You will also have the chance to make your practice area strengths known to your fellow members of the bar. Speaking engagements like this make excellent additions to your list of professional experience on your website and added to your professional profile.

In addition to networking and professional development, there are some wonderful, more practical benefits. First, CLE speakers receive CLE credit for their programs (see below). Plus, being a CLE speaker is great practice for public speaking. After you’ve presented the first time, the second time is even easier –- and even more fun. And, if public speaking is new to you, the TBA provides a wealth of resources to help you get started.

There are several advantages for joining the Tennessee Bar Association faculty:

• Faculty Directory
All new faculty members will be added to our Faculty Directory. This provides a record of all the presentations you have given and direct access for your colleagues to any current and upcoming programs that you have presented.

• CLE Credit
For each presentation you will receive CLE credit for the hours you present and/or attend. Those who provide up to four pages of material will receive two times the credit and those who provide five or more pages of material will receive four times the credit. You may carry over up to 15 hours of CLE credit each year.

• Speaking for Live Presentations; Free Attendance
For the majority of our programs, you may attend the other portions of that program at no cost. Also, your presentation may be recorded. If recorded, your presentation will be made available online for the period of one year, increasing your exposure to colleagues.

• Speaking for a Webcast
For those who participate in our webcast productions, a brief portion of your presentation will be added to our YouTube page. Your presentation will be made available online for the period of one year. You may share this page and link this YouTube page to your biography.

• Faculty Promotion
As a CLE presenter for the Tennessee Bar Association, your name, firm, biography and picture will be used in a variety of media. This may include being highlighted on our web page at, in our monthly Tennessee Bar Journal, in our daily publication of TBA Today highlighting legal news for Tennessee lawyers, in statewide publications for continuing legal education, notices to practice areas, and through online publications.