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Sponsor Trivia: The Lobbying Begins
When ratification unexpectedly failed in Delaware, national suffragist turned their attention to Tennessee. Carrie Chapman Catt, head of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, arrived in Nashville in mid-July to provide leadership and moral support. She intended to stay for just a few days. She stayed six weeks. Catt described the effort this way: “The Southern summer heat was merciless, and many legislators lived in remote villages or on farms, miles from any town. Yet the women trailed these legislators by train, by motor, by wagons and on foot, often in great discomfort. They went without meals, were drenched by unexpected rains, and met with tire troubles, yet no woman faltered. I’ve been here a month. It is hot, muggy, nasty, and this last battle is desperate. Even if we win, we who have been here will never remember it with anything but a shudder.” Source: The Final Battle by Paula F. Casey