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Sponsor Trivia: Why Can’t Mother Vote?
By August 1920, 31 year-old freshman state Rep. Joseph Hanover of Memphis had become one of the leading male voices in the fight for women’s suffrage. Powerful forces in Tennessee opposed him — including making threatening calls and verbally assaulting him — but he did not back down. Bothered by the fact that his own mother could not vote, Hanover made a number of impassioned speeches on the House floor asking his colleagues “Why can’t mother vote”? Appealing to rural members, he argued that mothers bring children into the world but then have no say about their futures, education or rearing. Because of his passionate beliefs, Hanover was named floor leader for the pro-suffrage forces for the special session and was able to keep the votes together despite significant opposition.Source: “Joe Hanover’s Mother Couldn’t Vote – Until He Became a Tenn. Legislator,” by Michael Nelson, The Daily Memphian, Jan. 7, 2020.