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Sponsor Trivia: The Sterling 49
The final vote in the House was 49 to 47. But even before the clerk could announce the result, the leader of the anti-amendment forces, Seth Walker, changed his vote from “no” to “yes” so he could call for reconsideration of the amendment after his side was able to convince one supporter to change his mind. It was not until later that the irony emerged: Walker’s move gave the ratification resolution an unchallengeable constitutional majority — 50 of the total House membership of 99. Walker unwittingly had cut off one line of legal attack the anti-forces were preparing. But it was the original 49 supporters of the amendment who stayed true to their original votes throughout efforts over the next few days to reconsider the resolution, earning them the name “the Sterling 49.” Source: “Countdown in Tennessee” by Carol Lynn Yellin